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WR Group will carry out customs clearance of complex technological equipment and components according to the classification decision, thereby reducing the tax burden on your company

The decision on the classification of goods, in other words, the classification decision is the possibility of importing multicomponent equipment into the territory of the EAEU, using the single Customs Commodity Code, at a single rate of import customs duty and with a single permit document, which allows you to significantly reduce costs and time within the framework of the project

This possibility is provided for by Article 16 of the Federal Law of 03.08.2018 N 289-FZ “On customs regulation in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” and Order of the Federal Customs Service of Russia dated 06.02.2019 N 194.

The classification solution applies to a consignment consisting of many different components, the shipment of which is planned in multiple partial deliveries to one recipient, for example, when delivering complete production lines

Customs clearance of such a cargo without a classification solution is a laborious and costly process, since each individual unit of cargo has to be declared according to the appropriate Customs Commodity Code. The presence of a decision on classification and the application of a special procedure for declaring, in turn, will ensure the uninterrupted operation of enterprises during the assembly and installation of equipment

The decision on the classification of equipment that is not assembled, disassembled, incomplete or unaccomplished is taken by the Federal Customs Service of the FCS of Russia. The resulting classification decision confirms that all delivered parts of the cargo form a single piece of equipment designed to perform a clearly defined single function, and can go through the customs clearance procedure, with indication of only one Customs Commodity Code

In addition, technological equipment imported into the territory of the EAEU with a classification solution can be cleared at a reduced or zero rate of customs duty, if its analogues are not currently produced in the territory of the Russian Federation

Contact the WR Group specialists, and we will consider the characteristics of your equipment and the circumstances of the transaction in order to assess the need for a classification decision

We will provide a decision on classification when importing a large consignment of goods into the territory of the EAEU for you in advance

We will provide for the registration and completion of the necessary documents package, as well as communication with the customs authorities to obtain the correct Customs Commodity Code, and consult for you on all issues of customs clearance of large multicomponent cargo.

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