WR Group expands the boundaries of its business activities in the field of provided services:
WR RUS LLC has obtained a customs representative licence

WR RUS LLC, a Russian subsidiary of WR Group, received the licence as a customs broker on the territory of the Russian Federation in January 2022. The company went through the necessary procedures and obtained the status of an official customs representative by decision of the Russian Federal Customs Service.

Suppliers and importers of products into the EAEU use the services of a customs broker to promptly go through formalities and successfully complete the customs procedure for importing goods. Foreign and Russian entrepreneurs should be careful when choosing a customs broker. This is because in Russia, customs clearance can only be carried out by legal entities listed in a special state register of customs agents. WR RUS LLC is listed in the official register of customs representatives under number 1435. Check in the register…

What do the basic services of a customs broker include? By signing contract, WR RUS assumes the obligations of the cargo owner and full responsibility for its actions within the framework of customs clearance. Representatives of WR RUS submit a document package to the customs office and independently declare imported vehicles and goods. The customs broker pays the customs duties and other customs costs. In addition, WR RUS takes care of the transportation and storage of the goods after customs clearance has been completed.

The customer benefit is in the quick completion of the customs clearance procedure in compliance with the requirements. But not only this. When cooperating with the WR Group, the client has the opportunity to receive a full package of services, including not only the import of goods and their customs clearance, but also their transportation from A to B and the issuing of necessary certificates for the imported products. The customs broker licence is particularly important for deliveries to Russia on DDP terms (“Delivered Duty Paid”, Incoterms 2020), which WR Group specialises in. This allows the company to deliver the goods to the end customer “cleared” with full assumption of all risks.

This holistic approach to solving customer issues without involving third parties enables WR Group to plan and coordinate each project precisely, react to changes dynamically and guarantee full transparency of the entire process and budget for the client.