ODC transportation to the Khmelnytskyi
nuclear power plant
WR Group transported oversized cleaning equipment to the Khmelnytskyi NPP
Cleaning systems with filter equipment
Germany - Khmelnytsk Region, Ukraine

In January 2021, WR Group had successfully completed the two-stage project to transport German-made cleaning equipment for the reactors of the Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plant.


The international transportation of equipment was handled in two phases. The first large loads were transported by the WR Group from Germany at the end of 2020. The oversized components of the cleaning systems arrived at their destination in Ukraine on time.


The challenge of the second project phase was the urgency of the delivery. The oversized cargo had to be delivered to the end operator within one week by land over the distance of 1,580 km, inclusive customs clearance. Taking into account the dimensions of the cargo and the time for customs clearance, the requested delivery date could be described as critical.


The transported parts of the cleaning systems were oversized in height and width. The equipment was packed in wooden boxes and transported on the low-loaders.


Thanks to precise coordination by the WR Group and efficient use of skilled personnel, the second part of the cleaning system was delivered to the end operator within only 6 days.

The Khmelnytskyi NPP


The Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant is one of the four active nuclear power plants in Ukraine operated by the state-owned company Energoatom. The NPP is used to supply energy to the western Ukrainian region. Two reactor units of the nuclear power plant are already in operation, and two more are being built.


The operator uses special cleaning systems, that are manufactured in Germany, for cleaning the cooling pipes in the reactor units of the nuclear power plants. The cleaning systems have been in use in the Ukrainian nuclear power plants since 1995 and will continue to be installed during the ongoing and upcoming modernisation of the plants. The WR Group delivered the German cleaning systems within the framework of the reconstruction of the 2nd reactor block of the Khmelnytskyi NPP.



Project logistics


WR Group ensured the timely delivery of the oversized equipment from Germany to Ukraine, as well as the preparation and audit of all documents required for a smooth border crossing.


WR Group’s logistics experts planned an economically advantageous route for the transportation of non-standard equipment, taking infrastructure into account. WR Group provided freight-compatible vehicles and ensured their punctual loading and departure. WR Group’s project team supported the client throughout the project and advised him on transport documents and customs issues.


WR Group develops and implements turnkey logistics solutions for industrial projects of any complexity. We guarantee fast and safe transportation to Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. We provide customs clearance and certification of complex production plants, including the preparation and/or issuance of required documents.