Oversized spare parts for a cargo ship
WR Group transported ship spare parts on Christmas Eve
Spare parts for a ship: Steering gear parts
Total weight
17.000 kg
Max. loading unit dimensions
Rudder blade 5,0 x 3,3 m
Gdansk, Poland - Denmark - Gdansk, Poland

A 135-metre cargo ship docked in harbour in Gdansk, Poland is awaiting repairs. Parts of its steering mechanism urgently need to be transported to a factory in Denmark and later, repaired, returned to Gdansk. WR Group accepted the request for the transportation of spare parts one day before Christmas Eve. The order had to be completed as quickly as possible.


The challenge was to quickly find a special vehicle for transporting oversized cargo, load the spare parts and immediately bring them to Denmark to the factory. And all this on the holiday’s eve. A few aspects also complicated the task:

– Firstly, there is usually a short working day in many European companies on Christmas Eve, and many employees or even entire companies even take a day off.

– Special vehicles and special equipment have to be booked on average up to 14 working days in advance.


Nevertheless, the WR Group’s logisticians took on the job immediately.

The cargo was oversized parts of the steering gear of a cargo ship: an 11-ton, almost 4 metres high rudder blade with a frame and a 6-ton rudder stock. The ship spare parts had to be transported overland from Poland to Denmark to a repair facility. And later, after repairs, back to the ship, which was still docked in the harbour of Gdansk.


WR Group specialists found the necessary special vehicle to transport the oversized spare parts and submitted it for loading within 19 hours. The oversized cargo was transported on a covered low-loader. The spare parts left the port just in time on Christmas Eve. The transportation took three days to the repair plant over the distance of 1,300 km.


The repaired parts were successfully returned to the cargo ship in the new year, in the first week of January 2022.

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